State of the art machinery allow us high quality and high efficiency, and our world-class laboratory for the development, testing and control, provides the opportunity for constant improvement and for response to more
and more demanding and higher environmental and quality standards.

TEAM SISTEM wood burning stoves and cookers meet the necessary and strict EU standards for gas exhaust emissions and energy efficiency and they are CE certified by authorized Quality Institute.

Our dedicated and experienced engineers work tirelessly until every oven or stove reaches out special standards. Their respect for the metal and its treatment reflected in a robust, yet stylish products.
In the process of designing our engineers use the latest version of Solid Works computer program.
Speaking about materials, we use only the best.

Our suppliers know that we reject any material that does not meet our high standards.
For us only the best is good enough. We do not irrationally follow fashion and trends.

When designing the stove, we know that it will work for years. Therefore, we are aware that it must look good, but it must also work well. For TIM SISTEM, design and performance go hand in hand.


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